Temporary and contract staffing

Why should you hire temporary workers?

Could you use a few extra workers on the busy days or is one of your employees on a long term sick leave? Then you will need people who are available quickly but also a training period as short as possible with the maximum return. Recruit a Student has a database of 10.000 students with a higher education. Thanks to our recruitment and selection proces we always guarantee the student you get is motivated with ambition and ready to get to work.


Recruit a Student also finds it important to keep transparency with our client. That’s why we keep the whole proces as insightful as possible. You wil receive an login code for our website. This is where you can find the planning and progress of your project. This way you will be able to see who is planned where and when 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be able to request extra or less people at any time. Do you have a vacancy that we can help you with? You can fill in a vacancy sign up online. If you prefer to speak to one of our recruiters you can find our contact information here!

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Why work with an employment agency?

Working with an employment agency is a smart choice. This way you save a lot of time, because Recruit a Student does the whole recruitment and selection proces for you. We just send you the best candidates and you have more time for other activities. You don’t only save time though, hiring a student can save you money to. The first thing you save on is advertisement of the vacancy. Because our students are flexibel you only pay them when you need them and when they actually work. Beside that students are a lot cheaper than a regular worker and are just as motivated. They want to get extra relevant work experienced to have an advantage on their fellow students when they start looking for a permanent position later. Who know that might be in your company, so you will also get to know  talents of the future. Are you interested in an student as temporary worker? Fill in an contact form, or give us an call to speak on of our recruiters!

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Why Recruit a Student?

Recruit a Student believes in the talent of students. All students have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Because of less offers of employment students are uncertain about their future. This makes them want to get more relevant work experience to be ahead of their fellow students getting a job is one way to get this experience. This way they can start developing themselves and improve on their qualities while they grow stronger in their weak points. We are specialized in finding en placing students at all kind of companies. Because we are active in all kind of branches we can always find a student that fits your company. A few branches we are currently active in are health care, IT, technical, automotive, logistics, business and financial services. Who knows an student might just turn out to be your employee of the future. We make sure you have the talent of tomorrow working for you today! so are you interested in hiring an hard working student? Fill in a request for quotation for more information. Do you have any question or do you want an personal appointment? Fill in an contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.