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Biggest talents

Since 1999 Recruit a Student has been building a unique database filled with students of higher education, these students just might be your employee of the future! These students are not just workers we trust to do their job, but we know they have a great work mentality. Our students want to get experience on the job market and you need a temporary worker. This is a win win situation.


Because of the aging of the population getting young talents bound to your organization can become even more important than it already is. This is something Recruit a Student excels in. We have been making sure that students and employers find each other for years. Because new students sign up with us daily we can make sure that we find an student for every employer.

Price and quality

Because of our thorough screening we can make sure only our high profile talents will be introduced to your organization. You pay for the service and quality guarantee of Recruit a Student. We don’t like to to go along with the high rates some other recruitment agencies have. Finding the best candidates for our long time relations is way more important to us. We also give our hirers insight in the process and they alway have the last say which student starts on the job.

Rate calculation

Guaranty for succes

Your knowledge combined with our database is an guarantee to get you through our recruitment and selection proses and have an student working for you. We will alway be able to offer you an competitive price. Do you want more information, or do you have any questions? send us an contact request or if you prefer to make an personal appointment let one of our recruiters call you for an personal appointment!

Do you need workers right now? Or do you want to know if you target group is part of our database? Make contact with us! One of our recruiters can tell you all about the talent recruitment proces. This way we can easily give you more insight in the rates of hiring student for short term and long term.

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Why Recruit a Student?

Recruit a Student believes in the talent of students. All students have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Because of less offers of employment students are uncertain about their future. This makes them want to get more relevant work experience to be ahead of their fellow students getting a job is one way to get this experience. This way they can start developing themselves and improve on their qualities while they grow stronger in their weak points. We are specialized in finding en placing students at all kind of companies. Because we are active in all kind of branches we can always find a student that fits your company. A few branches we are currently active in are health care, IT, technical, automotive, logistics, business and financial services. Who knows an student might just turn out to be your employee of the future. We make sure you have the talent of tomorrow working for you today! so are you interested in hiring an hard working student? Fill in a request for quotation for more information. Do you have any question or do you want an personal appointment? Fill in an contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.