Pool management

Why pool management?

Differences in how busy the production proces is will sound familiar for a lot of businesses. One month your production breaks all records and the next one there is barely anything to do. The biggest problem you will have that you are either short staffed or overcrowded. Personnel usually expect some kind off consistency so it is hard to hire more people. The solution is our student-poolmanagerservice.

Because we work with an flexibel pool in which our students fill in their availability we can easily upscale or downscale the amount of people you will need that week. This way you will prevent having personnel that is redundant. So if you use our poolmanagement service we make sure you will always have talented personnel at your disposal when you need them.

Pool composition

You can choose to select candidates for the pool yourself or let us do it. Thanks to our database we can fill your pool in no-time with motivated and talented students. Beside that we believe planning is one off the most important parts of poolmanagement. Thanks to our online planning system you and the students can always and everywhere see who and when has to work. This way we try to provide you with the best possible service possible.

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Motivated students

Recruit a Student has a database filled with motivated students. All our students have are higher educated. They know what they are talking about and now how to address problems. There has been an misconception that students are less effective than regular workers but this is far from true. Students are extra motivated to get work experience to be one step ahead of their fellow students.


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Advantages of poolmanagement:

  • Quality: Recruit a Student will provide you with an selection of temporary workers of which we guarantee they are motivated and have a good working mentality.
  • Flexibel: We make sure our pool exist of enough students so you can always ask for more or less students when you need them.
  • Consistency: We try to have the same students working as much as possible so they know what they are doing.
  • Cost saving: You will only have to pay the hours that are actually worked. This way you prevent overpay and paying hours where people didn’t work.