Recruit a Student: The Story

For those who would like to know: a piece of history and a look into the future

About then, now and later

Recruit a Student was born out of the personnel solution for the company of one of the founder. Jaap Dietz had an company in project blinds in 1994. An Branche that is always hurrying or standing stil. The other founder of Recruit a Student, Remco Beijer, was helping with recruiting during his studies. But after some time he was busier recruiting his fellow students than actually studying. To keep the then gathered group of students together they were being loaned to other companies to work. This was the base of the birth of Recruit a Student in 1999

In the mean time Recruit a Student has developed itself into an versatile service provider. With offices all over The Netherlands and offices in Belgium, The UK and Germany our reach is way further than you would ever think. Because of our database filled with students of higher education, we have the best moest extensive group of work students. Potential talents that would provide something for every company they work for. Quality is something we hold high, that’s why we have been a member of the NBBU since day 1 and have developed ourself to becoming an NEN certified employment agency.

And we don’t stop there. Since a few years Recruit a Student has started a successful franchise-formule. Right now more than half of our branches are run by franchise takers. We are also looking outside of the Netherlands. With offices in Brussel and London, we are going to conquer Europe or own way!

Management in their early years

historie recruit a student

Management nowadays

directie Recruit a Student

The first RAS-cas

Ras mobiel

The second RAS-car

studenten mobiel recruit a student

Back when RAS was still R@S
and at the ‘Super Was’ was

Recruit a Student Historie , Superwas

Moving into the current head office

Hoofdkantoor Recruit a Student Breda