FAQ - Students

Useful videos about poolmanager can be found here
The FAQ for employers can be found here

When will my salary be payed out?

If you work for Recruit a Student your salary will be payed out weekly. Payments will be done in the Wednesday afternoon, this means your salary will be on your bankaccount somewhere on Thursday or Friday.

How do i read my salary specification?

In this document you can find the explanation how to read your Salary specifications. Do you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call one of our accountmanagers

What do you have to do when you are sick?

If you are gonna work for Recruit a Student you will also need to carefully read through the absence protocol. Here you will read that when you are sick you will call in sick as soon as possible. First at The (A)employer and after that at the (B)client.

(A) You always first call us and after that you also send an Email. – Do not send a text or whatsapp!

You can call i sick at:

  • Amsterdam 088-522 00 20
  • Breda 088-522 00 76
  • Den-Haag 088-5220070
  • Eindhoven 088-522 00 40
  • Rotterdam 088-522 00 10
  • Tilburg 088-522 00 13
  • Utrecht 088-522 00 30 
  • Zwolle 088- 522 00 38. 

If nobody picks up wait out the voicemail and you will either get send through to the emergency number or will be given the emergency number.

(B) The contact information off our clients can always be found in the online planner at www.poolmanager.mobi. If you are not able to contact the client yourself, you can let someone else do it for you.

For more information read the absence protocol.

How do i pass on my worked hours?

You can pass on your hours weekly. Depending on the client you ar working for you have to fill them in on a work paper, in the online poolmanager or we will get an claim form form the client.

If you want to get payed the week after you worked, you have to pass on your hours before monday 18:00 the week after you worked.

How much will i earn?

Depending on the client you are going to work for you will be told the gross hourly wage. This will be based on the collective employment agreement of the client. You can also find your hourly wage in the online work schedule. In this video it is explained where you can find your salary. If you want more information about the online work schedule, click here.

How and when will i receive my salary specification?

Depending if you get payed weekly or every four weeks you wil also get you salary specification weekly or every four weeks. You will receive it on the Friday the week after you worked. The salary specification will be send to your email. At the same moment your payment is being done. As soon as you receive your salary specification you can also expect to get your salary.

How and when will my reserves be payed out?

On request Recruit a Student can pay out your reserves whenever you want. If you haven’t worked for 6 weeks they will also get payed out. Vacation benefits will always be payed out in the week of the first of June.