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Recruit a Student Belgium

 +32(0)3 226 24 60
Kattendijkdok Westkaai 27 | 2000 Antwerpen

Recruit a Student is an employment agency for students, located in Antwerp. Our goal? Finding the perfect match between talented, ambitious and flexible students and companies. Thanks to our database of thousands of students, we can carefully select the right candidates for your company.

At Recruit a Student we like a personal approach. We know all of our students and their strengths. That way we can quickly and easily select the best students, who fit perfectly into the profile of the requested position.

We strive to find a fun and study-related student job for everyone. We give students the opportunity to gain useful work experience during their studies and develop themselves for the future. They deliver work of high quality and can even grow into permanent employees in your company.

But why and when do you choose to hire a job student? And what are the benefits? Every company has to deal with a changing bustle every now and then. It can be very busy one month and then very quiet the next month. Recruit a Student offers the ideal solution for that! We can quickly and easily deploy the most motivated students for you whenever you want. Will it be a bit quieter again? No problem! You are not committed to anything and you can always decide to no longer hire the students.

The students that you hire through our employment agency are therefore very flexible, for both short- and long-time periods and fixed and changing services. You can even come to us for one-off assignments!

Recruit a Student Belgium ensures that you have tomorrow’s talent with you today.

Curious about what Recruit a Student Belgium employment agency can do for you?
Then read more about our services such as staffingrecruitment & selection en pool management. Of course you can always contact our employment agency. We are happy to tell you more about our services and the possibilities.

Recruit a Student
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