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Student Employment

The ideal match between our talent and your company.

When do you choose temporary workers?

Are you short-handed on busy days or on a specific event? Is there a long-termillness of employees or do you simply need extra employees? Then you needpeople who are quickly available, need a minimal training time and delivermaximum results. That is exactly what we provide! Recruit a Student Belgium hasa database of thousands of students from different study programs, colleges anduniversities. Through careful screening, we ensure that we can supply ambitiouscandidates who are real go-getters and are ready to work hard.

Practical process

We have greatly optimized the deployment process over the years to make it as practical as possible for you. With a personal login code you get access to ourdigital environment and the Pool Manager app. This app contains all theinformation about each project. You can follow who is scheduled where andwhen, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Do you prefer a personal approach? Then of course you can always contact ouroffice in Antwerp by telephone.

Why do you choose for Student Employment?

In the first place, working with Recruit a Student is time-saving. No more searching through resumes, rejecting candidates or checking references. We take care of recruitment and selection and only send the best candidates for the position to you.

Our temporary employees can be deployed on a flexible basis. This way you havethe option to only deploy the students when you really need them. You are nottied to a permanent contract and, therefore, you only pay for the hours that thestudents have actually worked. Recruit a Student also takes care of the paymentof hours and the supervision of all students.

In addition, our students would like to gain useful work experience in corporatelife. They are motivated, intelligent and eager to learn. Our job students have atop mentality. Of course it is also a possibility that a student grows into apermanent force within your company. In this way you save costs for training andtime in finding new, permanent employees. Are you interested in a temporaryworker? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met lage kosten Quality
Recruit a Student gedrevenuitzendkrachten Flexibility
Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met laag risico Continuity
Recruit a Student tijdwinst met uitzendkrachten Cost reduction
Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten regelt inhuur en ontslag Time saving


Recruit a Student does not only provide temporary workers of the highest level. As a reliable, all-round HR partner, we are happy to advise you and offer a tailor-made solution. We are happy to provide the following services for you:

Recruit a student foto

Recruit a Student Poolmanager

We use Pool Manager for personnel planning. Pool manager can be used on desktop and with the app. As an employer you can easily view the planning, doe the time registraion and make requests. As a result, you always have an overview of who will be working for you and requesting extra staff is easy

  • Recruit a student foto View planning 
  • Recruit a student foto Time registration
  • Recruit a student foto Doing request
  • Recruit a student foto Checking the hours


Recruit a student foto

Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met lage kosten
Recruit a Student gedrevenuitzendkrachten
Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met laag risico
Recruit a Student tijdwinst met uitzendkrachten
Recruit a Student
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