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Pool Management

Flexible students

Fluctuations in the bustle, many companies are familiar with this. One month arecord turnover is made and the other month things go too smoothly within the company.

By working with a flexible pool in which candidates indicate their availability every week, we can very easily send out suitable students for you in every phase of the bustle. This will prevent you from being stuck with personnel when you do not need them. Using our pool management service, we can provide you with talented candidates, only when you need them!

Pool composition

A good planning is very important. With our extensive planning systems we can always and everywhere plan the ideal candidate for you. This way we get the most out of our current pool. Of course we can also put together a new pool for you.Thanks to our large database full of motivated and talented employees, this is no problem for us. Our service is therefore also of good quality and reliable in that area.<.p>

Motivated students

Recruit a Student has a database full of motivated students from various colleges and universities. They would like to gain useful work experience in order to prepare themselves for their future. You get all these ambitious people at your disposal, at a rate that matches the job in your industry. With a diploma in their pocket, the students can possibly start working for you without being trained.

Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met lage kosten Quality
Recruit a Student gedrevenuitzendkrachten Flexibility
Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met laag risico Continuity
Recruit a Student tijdwinst met uitzendkrachten Cost reduction
Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten regelt inhuur en ontslag Time saving


Recruit a Student does not only provide temporary workers of the highest level. As a reliable, all-round HR partner, we are happy to advise you and offer a tailor-made solution. We are happy to provide the following services for you:

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Recruit a Student Poolmanager

We use Pool Manager for personnel planning. Pool manager can be used on desktop and with the app. As an employer you can easily view the planning, doe the time registraion and make requests. As a result, you always have an overview of who will be working for you and requesting extra staff is easy

  • Recruit a student foto View planning 
  • Recruit a student foto Time registration
  • Recruit a student foto Doing request
  • Recruit a student foto Checking the hours


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Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met lage kosten
Recruit a Student gedrevenuitzendkrachten
Recruit a Student uitzendkrachten met laag risico
Recruit a Student tijdwinst met uitzendkrachten
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