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Recruit a Student is a student agency that has existed since 1999. With locations all over the Netherlands and locations in Belgium, the UK and Germany we have an wide service area. We are specialized in the hiring, recruiting and selection off students. We have students in every branch you can think off. A few examples are healthcare, technical, IT, logistics, automotive business and finances.

So it doesn’t matter in what kind of branche you company is situated, we will always be able to find a fitting an passionate work student for you. We make sure to always throughly screen our students, to make sure all students in our database are intelligent, eager to learn, flexibel and ambitious. Our students already know what they are talking about and want more relevant work experience.


In most cases an student will have less experience than a regular employee, but that doesn’t mean a student has less potential. A student want to work hard to get more knowledge and relevant experience in his study field. Students aren’t sure about their future one off the reasons for this is a shortage of jobs. Students want to have an advantage on their fellow students by getting extra work experience. When you hire a student at Recruit a Student, u don’t just get an hard working employee, you are investing in your future by getting a motivated, eager to learn talent.


Also it is pretty important for any company to have a balance out staff. As long as everything goes as expected there won’t be a problem, but when you have an hiccup you can be overstaffed or we you get many unexpected order you can be understaffed. In those cases you will never be sure how many people you exactly need. This is where we come in, with our poolmanager system you plan in workers every week and can adjust this up till 24 hours before the temporary workers starts. We make sure you quickly get a  flexibel intelligent temporary worker, personnel with potential that might have an bright future at your company! As we say The talent of tomorrow working for you today!


Recruit a Student is a student agency that has been helping temporary workers getting jobs for years. Are you interested in hiring one off our flexibel hard working students? Fill in an request for quotation form. Do you have any question or would like to make an personal appointment? Fill in an call me back or contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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